Hi there, my name is Johnathon!

I'm a videographer and photographer based in Manitoba. I have a yearning for adventure, photography, videography, and music. I'm originally from Ontario, but Manitoba has been my home for most of my life. I've always held a joy for making entertainment, and Helios Cinematography was started to explore that joy. I love the industry, I enjoy working on new projects, and my aim is to one day work on my own films. The process of creating is untouched, in the fact that you can sometimes be the only person involved in a project and still produce something incredible, something you're proud of. I've written, directed, and edited my own short film and have plans to do so again in the future. I also take pride in not just making videos for my wedding clients, but making true short films.

Gear I use

My main video camera is a Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6K. It's an amazing camera that produces beautiful 12-bit, RAW, 6k video. I have found this camera to be a true workhorse, capable of doing whatever tasks I need it to. I also use Fujifilm cameras for when I need a photo camera that can deliver high resolution photos with beautiful, nostalgic colours. Lastly, all of my audio gets recorded onto personal recorders for each person as well as a field recorder for ceremonies and receptions.

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